Internet and it`s Application

Hafizur Rahman.
Director. BTTB

BTTB’s Data Communication.

The telecommunication system is one of the basic requirement for the data communication. Development of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure mainly depends upon the data processing and communication with the help of computer and telecommunication system. Digital telecommunication system is very suitable for speedy and reliable data communication.

At present Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB) has about 5 million telephone lines in the county of which about 60% are digital. BTTB has taken a program to convert the analog exchanges to digital exchanges of almost all the district headquarters and some of the thana headquarters.

Out of four major backbone transmission links, 3 (three) links are digital and the rest one is analog. A project has been taken to replace that analog M/W transmission link by optical fiber Moreover, almost all the thana headquarters are connected with their respective districts through digital radio

links. All the local exchanges and r~ switching units (RSU) are connected b) cal fiber in the multi-exchange areas. A sent about 70% of BTTBs total transmission system is digital and with the complete different new projects, more than 9 (transmission system will become digital the Year 2002. BTTB provides International telecommunication service with 4 (four) satelite ground stations which are working with INTEL Satelites.

BTTB has installed a Packet Switches exchange in 1994 to facilitate data communication in the country. In the network switching nodes have been installed in major cities of Bangladesh to cater the traffic. The total installed capacity i number of X.25 ports. But the speed of X.25/X.28 is comparatively low for present day data communication application requirements.

In order to provide high speed data communication required by commerce, particular software development and data entries cated connection to Internet backbone and local connection need to be upgraded. BTTB has already installed Digital Data network (DDN) in Dhaka and 3 (three) other major cities. The speed can be achieved from 64kbps to 2Mbps with the help of xDSL by twisted pair copper cables.

Internet service in Bangladesh has been started in 1996. But due to increase of demand for Internet access facilities, more than 27 enterprises are providing public Internet Access services using Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT). With VSAT, the local ISP’s server have been connected to International access service provider mostly in Hong Kong and Singapore.

BTTB has become Internet Service Provider with its connectivity to Teleglobe, Canada and its backbone speed is 128 kbps. At present, BTTB is providing Internet service to Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet and Bogra. BTTB is actively considering to upgrade the Internet’s backbone speed in phases from 128kbps to 2Mbps and also to extend the service to all the district headquarters.

Drawbacks of VSAT.

•Due to unplanned growth of ISP which are scattered over the whole country and as there

is no interconnection among them, any traffic from one ISP user has to travel long way to

International destination and back to destination ISP which may be in the next door. This

is time consuming and at the same time expensive and inefficient.

• To meet the huge demand of telephone connections for ISPs in particular location, the normal business and residential subscribers will be deprived. Moreover, as the ISP’s are scattered all over the city, most of the dial in Internet access involves a number of local exchanges, tandem exchange, and the trunk lines, causing congestion in the telephone network.

•The Internet service is very cheap, so some of the enterprises are illegally transferring

voice call to International destination causing huge loss of Government revenue.

Remedial Measures

•To eliminate these problems, the total Internet access service shall have to be centralized

and common access platform should be development. The access server can be directly

connected to the local exchanges through El. They can be interconnected through DDN

bypassing the tandem switch and trunk lines. This will resolve the congestion problem of

telephone network caused by Internet access.

The private ISPs can be connected to common access platform through DDN by which the problem of interconnection can be resolved. With this, the ISPs can communicate with each other without the use of costly International circuits which will save time and money.

Typical Application--Multiple ISPs

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There is no online facility for information flow both inward and outward from thana to district and division and capital. The stable data communication system should be developed up to the thana headquarters so that administrative units, public and private sector banks, law and order related information, Government revenue and taxation organizations, health and education services can get the benefit of it.


BTTB has its digital transmission links up to the thana level and it is expected that with the installation of optical fiber links in the different areas of the country, about 90 total transmission system of BTTB become digital within next two y Therefore, immediate step should be taken expand the existing capacity of BTTB’s communication system over the en telecommunication infrastructure so that country could join in the arena Information Technology (IT) upto the g root level and the end users whether be in the capital or thana headquarters will the benefit of faster network will less cost

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* (Publised: May 2000)